SJ Koi Carp Live Fish Delivery Information

All Koi shipments are shipped the next day (to arrive before 1pm we do not ship over the weekends). The cost of packing and shipping is £40.00. Whenever possible, we will ship multiple Koi at the same time.

To deliver your Koi safely, multiple boxes will be needed when you have a large number of Koi or larger Koi (you will be informed and charged prior to the shipment).‍

Koi are all inspected for health and are prepared for shipment or collection in advance to ensure they are healthy and behave naturally.

Koi are double bagged with sufficient water and oxygen before they are placed in a suitable safe box for shipping. If more than one box is required for your Koi to be sent safely, we will let you know before sending it and will require payment in advance. We will not deliver the Koi unless you confirm you will be at the delivery location on the specified date, this must be confirmed by email or phone call. Due to time constraints, some areas in the UK are not eligible for Koi deliveries.

Livestock cannot be returned under any circumstances, since once they are dispatched they are ‘perishable’ and “liable to deteriorate”. Consequently, fish cannot be cancelled and livestock cannot be refunded.

In our CEFAS-rated quarantine facility, livestock cannot be returned once it has been sent or received. Under no circumstances should livestock or water from other ponds enter our facilities or ponds.

If your fish do not reach you in good health, you have to tell us immediately once it has been delivered. Evidence must be provided before any form of refund can be issued.

Authorisation Document 2023

SJ Koi Carp in Kent!

Prior to visiting, please make an appointment. By doing so, we ensure compliance with the Government’s Social Distancing policies. ​

A longstanding family passion for Koi Carp led to the creation of SJ Koi Carp in 2022. Our small but perfectly formed premises were built after numerous trips to purchase Koi Carp for our personal collections. This is in order to offer healthy Japanese koi carp to the public.

There are different types of Koi, and many others, we hand-pick all our Koi the most respected breeders.

​Koi at our facility are subjected to a strict quarantine procedure, our koi are healthy, are is our top priority.

SJ Koi Carp is Kent’s newest Koi and Coldwater fish outlet. Keep an eye out for what we have planned for the future!

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