Experts in water features and pond construction

Located in Deal, Kent, SJ Koi Carp is a family-run business. Our Pond Design and Construction specialists only use Pond products that are safe for all fish, plants, and wildlife in your Pond. All the equipment used for Pond cleaning is specifically designed for Pond cleaning, so that harmful bacteria are not introduced into your Pond.

The chemicals we use to treat pond blanket weed, green water weed, and duck weed are Pond Safe.
Pond building products are designed for the purpose used.

Our Pond building and Pond repair services are of the highest quality. A variety of structures are built to our own specifications, including arches, pergolas, patios, brickwork, etc.

You can choose from a variety of options based on the size of your garden. From the Japanese water garden to the goldfish display pond. We can build child-safe ponds if you are concerned about small children.


Types of Pond Designs

Koi Carp


Pond of Koi Carp

Koi Carp

Red Koi Carp in Pond

Red Koi Carp