Quarantine & Biosecurity

Supplying our customers with strong & healthy Japanese koi is are number one priority at SJ Koi Carp.We are proud that our facility not only has the highest rating for quarantine and BioSecurity but we also insist on every koi undertaking double heat ramping and cooling cycles over a minimum of 8-10 weeks Once the newly imported koi are rested in their individual systems separated by each breeder, we commence raising the temperature up to 25C for the first heat cycle. Once they reach temperature they are held at 25C for 14 days. We then gradually cool the koi down to 12 – 14C.

The benefits of heat, ramping, Koi carp!!

Heat ramping is a process of gradually increasing water temperature to stimulate the metabolism and immune system of Japanese koi carp, which are a type of ornamental fish. Some potential benefits of heat ramping include:

Improved growth rate: Koi carp are cold-blooded animals, which means their metabolism slows down at lower temperatures. Heat ramping can increase their metabolism, allowing them to digest food more efficiently and grow faster.

Better color development: Koi carp are known for their vibrant colors, which can be enhanced by heat ramping. Higher temperatures can stimulate the production of pigments in the skin, resulting in brighter and more vivid colors.

Increased resistance to disease: Heat ramping can also boost the immune system of koi carp, making them more resistant to diseases and parasites. Higher temperatures can also help to kill off harmful bacteria and parasites in the water.

Reduced stress: Sudden changes in water temperature can be stressful for koi carp. Heat ramping provides a gradual increase in temperature, which is less stressful and can help the fish adapt to the new conditions.

Overall, heat ramping can be a useful tool for koi carp enthusiasts looking to improve the health, growth, and appearance of their fish. However, it is important to carefully monitor water temperature and make sure it does not exceed safe levels for the species

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